LG to showcase TV powered with AI

LG is to launch its new 2018 editions of premium televisions which include the OLED TV ‘ThinQ’ as well as the Super Ultra HD TV ThinQ. The company also announced that its TV’s this year will get Google Assistance.

The Tv’s will have both ‘Deep ThinkQ’ and Google’s Artificial Intelligence enabled with Google Assistantwhich enable users to operate TVs with either voice or connecting to other things powered with Internet-of-Things(IoT) technology.

In past LG has shipped TV’s with a webOS-based operating system that included the company’s own voice assistant.

For more contextual, TV-specific tasks, like asking the sound track of a movie or turn off the TV when this program is over, you will be able to use ThinQ AI . While for some specific countries (not disclosed by LG), will have Google Assistant for controlling the smart device.

Along with all this LG is also introducing a new image processor on its upcoming TV’s, the Alpha 9, for which the company claims will allow for reduced noise and better color correction. And offer support for 120 fps high frame rate (HFR) content.


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