5 Simple ways to stay healthy

Health is a major concern for everyone today, be it a child, an old man or an adult. And the most important thing is that people want good health but don’t have enough time to work for it. For instance, a school going child has nothing to do with healthy food nowadays, they all need junkies to feed on. And parents provide them with whatever they ask for. Is that the way we can make kids stay healthy?

Or be it a housewife, who spends most of the time in household work and even forgets to take her meals on time. In today’s busy scenario no one has time for making effort to get good health.

So, today I have come up with some simple and easy ways which will definitely help you to remain healthy and fit.

1. Smile

Yes, a smile is the easiest, simplest way to stay healthy, stay fit and amazing always. There are many people who hardly smile twice or thrice in a day. According to a survey, smiling people live a much healthier life than those who stay away from it.

Now let me tell you few benefits of smiling from its zillion’s of benefits: lowers the heart rate/beat, increases the productivity, boosts your mood, encourages trust, initiates good relationships, produces empathy, reduces regret, and above all kills pain and makes you happier and younger each day.

So, keep it as simple as possible, teach your kids the need and value of a smile, be humble with your colleagues at office or college, greet your neighbors with the smile and above all treat your elders and old members in family or society with happiness. These small things will not only change your lifestyle but others also.


2. Relax

Taking stress is something which everyone comes across in his/her daily life. Be it for a big issue or a small thing, from finding the matching tie to getting late for meetings, submitting assignments in college or preparing for exams, all this is merely a source of lots and lots of stress.

It is a kind of disease which slowly eats up your body and you don’t even come to know about it. The best medicine to get rid of this stress is to relax. And it’s really easy, sit back leaving all work, close your eyes and take a deep breath, forget about all things you were engaged in. And voila you will be back in full form just after a couple of minutes. Just try it, it will really help.

At times you can even take a break from all your work and go for a vacation. That will help your body and mind both to relax. There are many benefits of relaxing, and to name a few, relaxing boosts your memory, keeps you away from depression and strokes, enables you take better decisions and it will also keep you romantic. Lately, few types of research have found out that relaxing can even slow breast cancer in women.

So, what is your plan to relax?

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3. Sleep

For an average, about 6-7 hours sleep is necessary for a person to remain healthy. This is what we all know. But coming to reality how many of us do follow the same rule? Hardly a few.

The reason behind is a pressure of work, assignments, projects, studies, and many more things. Not only this but one most important factor behind this is western culture, which includes partying late nights, drinking habits, and much more. Now, comes the biggest danger to almost everyone’s sleep, and that is social media fever. Isn’t?

There are many risks which one is prone to who don’t get enough sleep like making you fat or ruining your mood, and much more. But the time you start getting the good sleep your life and health slowly changes. Good sleep improves your productivity and concentration, the risk of heart problems tremendously reduces, maintains metabolism, reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes, makes you free of depression and even improves your immune system.

Take a complete nap of 6-7 hours a day to stay healthy and fit.

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4. Walk

Now you might wonder how does walk improve your health. Its very simple, walking is a kind of exercise which enables you to burn calories, keep you energetic, relaxed and fresh all time.

Walking is the simplest exercise which almost everyone can do without a much effort. Just bump into your sports shoes and go around your place in a park or to a grocery shop, or anywhere you want. Indeed if you are visiting a supermarket or a shopping mall, slay into your sports shoes.

The benefits of walking are innumerable. Just to name a few: walking can improve your energy levels drastically, creates positive mindsets, you tend to lose weight more easily, your heart becomes stronger, you become more of a social person meeting new people all along the way and most importantly the more you walk the healthier you become.

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5. Food

The most important factor to lead a healthy life is good food. Nowadays junk and oily food have changed the definition of healthy food. More people have started taking these food items on regular basis, be it school going kids, adults rushing to office, or anyone.

Until and unless there come a full stop due to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., people munch on these food items on a more regular basis. Not only this but alcohol and smoking is seen commonly in today’s teens and youngsters. All this sums up to poor health conditions. Eating fruits have kind of become an old-fashioned thing for today’s generation.

But, people should realize the need and importance of good food habits which include fruits, vegetables, dairy products and much more. The benefits of healthy eating are numerous like it will help you maintain a proper weight, get your hormones balanced, make you feel happy and energetic and the biggest thing is that it will keep you away from diseases.

So, when are you starting to take a healthy diet?


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