5 Irresistible basics to snag now!

5 Irresistible basics to snag now!

5 Irresistible basics to snag now!

When it comes to fashion one cannot compromise with her looks. And all you need is a few staple pieces and bang on every outfit with perfection.

The basics I have come up with today are to be found very easily in each girls wardrobe. And if not, just go and get them for yourselves as soon as you can.

Lets have a look.

1.White t-shirt

Its one of the basic piece which almost every Indian girl has in her wardrobe. The best part of a white t-shirt is that you can style it in many ways like team it up with a blue or a black jeans, go monochrome with a white jeans, layer it with jackets and jumpsuits, wear it with skirts, wear it as a blouse and much more.


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2. Denim

You can never go wrong with a denim shirt or a denim jacket. Yes, there are multiple ways to style them and look like a fashionista in just couple of minutes. All you need to do is wear it like a monochrome attire i.e. denim on denim or wear it above a t-shirt or a crop top, and indeed now a days you can see people styling denims with Indian skirts to create Indo-western look.


3. Mid-length skirt

You might be wondering why I am so specific with the length of the skirt. Okay, so now let me explain. Mid-length skirts serve many purposes like they add length to your body, are not so exposing and obviously are too comfortable. You can style them like an off-shoulder dress, wear it to office or parties, and much more. And preferably go for a bodycon one, which is the best for all the purposes.



4. Trousers

Trousers are the new basics which every girl must have. And by trousers I don’t mean formal ones, its everything from straight pants to loose-baggy pants. They can be worn as an Indian attire, as well as in a western look. Girls wear it on a daily basis to work or to market or for a social gathering. I personally feel that jeans is no more a unique clothe, like very one has many and different kind of jeans in their wardrobe.

Image result for ways to wear trousers for girl Image result for ways to wear plazzoos for girl Image result for ways to wear palazzo for girl


5. Accessories

The best way to amplify any look is to simply add some accessories. Wearing junk jewelry, bold lip colors, watches can all add loads of fashion and style to your outfit. Indeed applying some makeup is also one of the good options to look stylish. These days silver jewelry is turning heads around and playing a major role in the fashion street. So, make sure to grab few pieces of them for yourself.


Image result for silver jewelry


So, these are a few staple things which every girl should have to boost her look for any occasion, be it a meeting in office or a social gathering with friends and family.


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