This is what your relationship needs!

There is no one-size-fits all formula in a relationship. Every relationship has different equations, needs and wants. But still there are a few things which remain common in every relationship, even be it a long distance relationship.

Valentines is around, so I thought what can me more suitable for some relationship tips for couples. So, here I have come up with 3 C’s which almost every relationship requires.

1. Communication

Now, this is the most important thing in every relationship, though it sounds too old but yes this is the base of your relationship. Until and unless you talk to your partner, discuss your issues, concerns, problems, or anything which bothers you or makes you happy, you won’t be able to come up with a happy relationship.

The more you communicate to each other the more you get to know each other. Again this is a extremely important if you are a newly committed one. If you talk about long distance relationship, this is the major key for maintaining a good relation. Also, talking helps you relax, share your views, share your daily routine and much more.

So, make your relationship healthy by talking and sharing views.


2. Caring

This a beautiful gesture to show to anyone you love. Your partner may or may not complain about it, but somewhere everyone wants to be cared and loved.

This is really simple for you. Some sweet gestures can make your relationship rock:

  1. Remember special days like birthday’s and anniversaries.
  2. Often get your partner’s favorite edibles like chocolates, cakes.
  3. Surprise them with unplanned vacations.
  4. Take care of their health, medicines, fitness routine.
  5. Respect their parents and families.

These are just a few things you can do to make your partner feel your care and affection. This factor is essential because it fills up the vacuum which is created in your relationship after fights and arguments. It makes one release that the other person still thinks about you.


3. Comfort

Every relationship demands some sort of physical gestures, be it a kiss or just a gentle touch. And this is something which can improve your terms with your partner or ruin them badly.

For in a relationship, it is necessary for both the partners to be comfortable with each other. Not only there mental but physical presence makes a lot of difference in the relationship. Until and unless, both of them are used to one another there should be no physical relationship.

Now, there are a few stages how you can find whether you are comfortable with you partner or not. First meeting can be the best for hand shake or hugs. You feel the touch and you sense it. There are many people who meet for the last time on their first date itself. Maybe that’s how they decide their comfort level.

Coming up to the second stage, this time it can be a kiss or even a stronger hug. If you still enjoy the company and long to meet your partner, then believe me you are on the right track and can move on to the next stage of making love. Reason is simple, you have started feeling comfortable with him/her, and with comfort comes love and happy relationship.


These 3 C’s can help you build a strong and healthy relationship with your partner.




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